Springfield Unveils New Trailer August 2018

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Success Stories

August 5, 2019...James receives his new bike...

The young man was very excited, especially about the larger wheels, which he professed, "Sometimes I can't make it up hills and on my old bike, the wheels were too small to use like my wheel chair.  But look at me now.". As he took off up the street and disappeared, coming back a few minutes later with a couple neighbor kids on their bikes.  This is what it is all about!

This is why we do what we do...

"We didn't know Zoe could ride", by Kevin Lust

Springfield Magazine - Amtryke Article.pdf

What is an AmTryke?

We believe the fun and freedom of riding your own bike is something everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.  People who are unable to operate a traditional bike can now share this experience, thanks to the Amtryke therapeutic tricycle.   These unique trykes are designed to accommodate riders of all ages and a myriad of physical and/or developmental challenges.

Through fundraising efforts at the Illinois State Fair and private donations, Springfield ABC is pleased to provide these bikes free of charge to children with special needs.  We believe that every child should have the opportunity to ride a bike along side their piers, siblings, parents and grandparents.


What is a Vet Bike?

Are you one of the many veterans who bravely fought to protect our country and now face life changing disabilities? AMBUCS believes you should have every opportunity to engage in the active lifestyle you enjoyed prior to your service.

We understand that some wounds are visible and some are not. If you are unable to operate a traditional bike, for whatever reason, the Amtryke therapeutic tricycle may be for you.

Riders with disabilities often struggle to bring a bicycle up to speed quickly enough to stay upright. The Amtryke operates from a tricycle platform with the goal of getting a rider balanced and feeling secure.

Amtryke riders will increase cardio function, build strength and experience the outdoors in a new way, all of which can impact overall health and fitness. Not to mention the opportunity to ride with family and friends!

AmTryke Committee

Meet your AmTryke Team: 

Trenton Thompson - Amtryke Chair (initial contact)- amtrykes@gmail.com or 217-725-6563

Joe Derringer - Application Administrator  jederringer@live.com or 217-636-7798

Rob Witner - Child & Veteran Event Coordinator lrwitner@yahoo.com or 217-553-1496

Justin Mason - Therapist/Evaluation Site Coordinator justinm@kebcpa.com or 217-652-0631

Josh Maisenbacher - Returns, Repairs and Inventory Coordinator jcmize04@gmail.com or 217-836-2388


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