How can I get an AmTryke?

Through various fundraising efforts and private donations, Springfield ABC is pleased to provide AmTrykes free of charge to children with special needs.  We believe that every child should have the opportunity to ride a bike along side their piers, siblings, parents and grandparents.

Springfield ABC works closely with therapists in evaluating the specific needs of each child who is requesting a bike.  It is our goal to provide a bike to every child who will benefit from a bike.  

Step One - Application 

Parents, please complete the AmTryke Request and Waiver form.  

1. Amtryke-Request-Waiver-2018.pdf

Step Two - Assessment

Recipients must be evaluated by a qualified therapist to ensure that a bike will benefit and not be a detriment to a child.  Therapists are able to determine which bike and accessories are needed to provide a FUN and therapeutic ride for a child.

2. Amtryke-Assessment-Form-2018.pdf

Step Three - Order

Once the therapist has been able to evaluate and determine the bike will be a asset, the therapist completes an order form for the requested bike and accessories.

3. Selection-Forms-2018.pdf

All three completed forms should then be submitted to Springfield ABC via mail, fax or email:

P.O. Box 1273, Springfield, IL 62705

FAX 1-844-771-3127




When can I expect the bike?

Springfield ABC works hard to raise funds and collect private donations so we can provide bikes free of charge.  Currently we have four giveaways each year.  Spring, Summer (during the Illinois State Fair), Fall and Winter (Christmas).  Although our AmTryke Team will work hard to get each child a bike as soon as we can, it may take time.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Trenton Thompson - AmTryke Chair (general questions) - or 217-725-6563


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