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The American Business Club (ABC) is first and foremost a social club, formed in 1925 to foster fellowship and cooperation among its members. Additionally, ABC members are encouraged to have an interest in the public welfare and be of service to their community and society in general. Our charitable activities predominately benefit physically or economically challenged children.

ABC is privileged to have agreements with the State of Illinois to manage gate admissions and parking at the Illinois State Fair (since 2005) and manage concessions in the Grandstand (since 1953). These agreements are the life-blood and foundation of our ability to fund our charitable endeavors as our work at the fair generates almost all of our funding. The operations ABC has been entrusted to manage require considerable effort, in the neighborhood of 23,000 man-hours to be specific.

ABC also has Legacy Fund which is money held separate from funds available for the annual contributions previously described and is designed to meet needs in the community not adequately addressed by our normal giving processes. Giving here will typically be larger sums of money committed over multiple years to support larger, longer-term goals of the recipient. Our most recent legacy fund commitment was to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Illinois, a group whom ABC has a very long history of giving and partnership.

2019-20 Officers

President - Dave Kelm

Vice President - Susie Jackson

Treasurer - Jerry Boster

Secretary - Mike Witsman

Sergeant at Arms - John Yard





Illinois State Fair

  Mark your calendars for the 2020 Illinois State Fair

             August 13 - August 23 2020

2018-2019 Amtryke Donations

Collected: $36,351.00
Goal: $50,000.00
Springfield ABC is looking to the local community to help fund Amtrykes and Veteran Bikes.

Springfield American Business Club General Mailbox - P.O. Box 1273, Springfield, IL 62705

Payments - P.O. Box 20408, Springfield, IL 62708 

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American Business Club of Springfield is a 501(c) non-profit organization Illinois , P.O. Box 20408, Springfield, IL 62708

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